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Wildest Dreams

Stop. Rewind.

Let’s hit that rewind button and go back to the past for a lesson on trench coats.

Today’s blog post features a piece of clothing that is one of the hottest trends since the First World War; the iconic trench coat.

The trench cat can be worn many way and seasons. One of the typically way to wear it is when it is raining outside because it’s known to be made from waterproof materials like heavy-duty cotton, leather, or poplin. These coats come in many colors and the classic versions come in various lengths depending on how you like to wear them. I like my trench coat to hang just below my knees. The coat is effortless chic when pairing it with your looks.

One of the ways I like to wear my trench coat is to layer it with a cardigan and shirt. By adding in colors and layering to this look it gives the coat a little bit more edge to the coat than it being just a classic trench coat. In keeping the style of sporty chic in tact I added in my vans to keep it simple and eye attention to the coat.

Get The Look:

Trench Coat: H&M

Cardigan: 21men

Shirt: H&M

Pants: H&M

Sneakers: Vans

Watch: TID Watches

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