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How is everyone been doing so far? Busy week for me as one of my blogger mate from London came to visit New York City. So excited to have him here for 3 weeks. Taking the time to show him around town. I love it when my friends come to visit because I get to be a tourist again and visit all these places and find hidden gems around the city.

On to today’s post, it is about creating a new look using one of your your three-piece suit. I took the vest of my three-piece suit and incorporating it with a ripped jean to create a different look and style to this vest.

By using this vest I am able to create a chic look automatically because vests of the way it is designed. They are sleeveless, close-fitting waist-length garment worn over a shirt, and buttoning down the front. They help create that clean silhouette line for a chic look without the blazer.

Get The look:

Vest: H&M

Jean: Levi’s

Shirt: Gap

Sneakers: Vans

Coat: Thifted

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