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Blue Steel


The weather in New York is getting cold and hot and cold again every hour. I never know if I should wear a jacket or a coat. But one thing that I do know regardless of the ever-changing temperature is that I will be wearing an oversize cardigan to keep me from having to having to freeze my butt off in the morning and at night.

With another season gone by, it’s time to rid your closet of clothes that reminds you of summer to make room for lots of cardigans and must-have fall items. Fall, of course, allows one to play with layers when it wasn’t possible during the warmer months of summer. Summer clothing, too, is traditionally playful with prints and texture, and as one wants to show off those elements, there’s little need for layering. This season, let loud prints fall by the wayside to make way for some easy layering of shirts and color. Be on the lookout particularly for looser fit cardigans and slimmer bottoms. It is, no doubt, a very fall classic look that is comfortable and stylish. But whenever you are wearing such loose clothing on top, you’ll want to go for fitted jeans to create some balance to the whole outfit. Having this balance of a looser proportion on top and slimmer proportion on the bottom creates the silhouette of the season. (You do not always want to look like a box walking around the city.) Apart from the fresh, relaxed shape, it’s a great look for lounging at home or a walk in a park as the leaves begin to change colors. The rugged boots, meanwhile, is one of my go-to boots for fall because it does go well any fitted jeans and gives a fall vibe to any look.

Get The Look:

Shirt: Gap

Pants: H&M

Boots: Dr Martens

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