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Monday Blues


Have anyone ever feel like they are in a slump? Been feeling unmotivated this weekend. I mean, there are so many ideas and things I want to do in my head, but I just can’t seems to make it into a reality. I know what I got to do, but feels like there are obstacles in the way. There is always something in the way of my dreams. I guess that is want make it more worth it. If dreams were easy everyone would be living in it by now.

Today’s blog post is about the Monday Blues. Oh Mondays, it has such a bad reputation. It is hard to live up to it when it is the first day after the weekend. Mondays does not have to be depressing. You just got to make it feels like any other day than Monday. No one wants to go back to work or school after a fun weekend.

This look is a really easy look to put together for that first day of the week. It is simple and clean plus it easy to put together. This is the best sweater for Monday with the right shade of blue and star prints to shine above others. This sweater will help make your week shine bright like a diamond. To keep with the clean look, I paired the sweater with lighter blue wool pants that is cuff up to my ankle to give that extra oomph to the outfit. Plus, I love my pants to be that length.

Get The Look:

Sweater: 21men

Shirt: H&M

Pants: Topman

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