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How is everyone doing? I hope everyone is enjoying himself or herself these days as time is passing by so fast. We should all enjoy every moment and not waste any time spending with love ones.

Today’s blog post is all about brown. You know what they say, “brown is the new black”. Just kidding. Everything is the new black nowadays. But really brown is a really beautiful color to wear during the fall just because it really brings out the fall atmosphere. Brown is one of the best neutral colors to wear with blue. It helps balance out all those blues and tone it down. Whenever I am wearing all blue, I love to add a brown jacket or brown boots just to add that pop to it. Brown and blue is a popular color combination on many occasions. It is also very versatile. By simply changing the intensities of either color, you can take a simple look to outstanding.

Get The Look:

Jacket: 21men

Boots: CAT Footwear

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