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Hope everyone is doing great! Amazing weather we have this week in New York City. It is finally starting to feel like fall now. I wonder what is fall like in the city since this is my first time in NYC. I guess I will have to find out!

One trend you will see a lot of this fall is wool like the pants I am wearing. Wool is a great fabric to wear when it is colder out because of how thick it is compared to cotton and polyester. Thus, keeping you warmer. Be on the look out for wool on your next shopping trip to keep cozy in the winter.

Today’s blog post featured one of my favorite looks during the fall or anytime is a simple sweater and pants combination. It is so simple and effortlessly chic. When you have a clean and simple look it is the best time to play with your accessories and make that look pop. I love to wear darker colors in the fall just because it is more chic and elegant, but it also depends on the colors you paired it with. Maroon or any darker shades of purple are my go to colors this fall.

Get The Look:

Sweater: 21men

Pants: H&M

Watch: Jonathan Ct.

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