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Let’s talk colors for the fall. During the fall people seems to dress in darker tone because it’s not summer anymore. No need for bright colors anymore unless it subtle but that is a whole different blog post ;)

One color you will see a lot of this fall is Green. There are a lot of amazing shades of green to wear and personally my favorite is forest green. Thanks to its grey and brown undertone it has the ability to be versatile in what you pair it with. For me, I love to wear it with brown or tweed fabric clothing.

Wearing green can be hard because it is such a strong color to wear. It can wear you instead of you wearing it. That’s why you got to wear it with colors that can tame the green down. I like to wear my greens with white as it does not clash with the green but nicely balance each other. Adding blue and brown into the mix can tame the green that’s why I added in the tie, a watch and the brown briefcase. Accessories are your friends using it well can really help out your looks and put it all together.

Get The Look:

Shirt: 21men

Tie: 21men

Vest: H&M

Pants: Pacsun

Brifecase: iCarryAlls

Sneakers: Vans

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