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Everyone is always excited for fall to and I am one of those people. Here are a few reasons why.

  • The weather is just perfect, not too cold or too hot

  • Pumpkin in everything and I mean every thing possible

  • Amazing jackets

  • Layering

  • And My favorite..Cardigans!

I am a huge fan or cardigans. They are really the simplest clothing to add to your outfit that goes with everything. I love to wear them during the fall because…just because really. There is no reason.

If you have a bold cardigan like the one in today’s post. You just let the cardigan do all the work. With such a strong piece I like that, I like to dress around it. So I keep it simple with just a white shirt and black jeans. One of my favorite backpacks to wear in the last few weeks is my Zephyr Backpack from Côte&Ciel.

Get The Look:

Cardigan: 21men

Shirt: H&M

Boots: Clark’s

Backpack: Côte&Ciel

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