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How is everyone doing today?

Do you ever feel like wanting to do something, but afraid of just going for it? I have always been shy growing up. It was hard for me to express myself because of it. That is until I realized I do not need to speak to let people know who I am. I can let my outfits speaks for me. My style is I and how I dress is who I am. Sometime you just got to be fearless and never let anything get in the way. Be bold and be brave.

Today’s look is about being fearless. Play up with your formal looks by adding some edginess to it. To create that roughness to this look I use the Moto Jacket. I love Moto jackets. It is really one of the best jackets to rock during cooler weather. It makes you feel like you are James Dean. In this look, there are many type of fabrics being used and lots of layering of them. Jean vests are very versatile. You can dress them down or up. In this case, I am dressing it up with a shirt and tie combination. The vest gives my outfit some color and helps with the edginess to the look. I love to wear sneakers with my formal look because it gives off some of my personality to this whole outfit.

Get The Look:

Moto Jacket: 21men

Shirt: 21men

Vest: Rue 21

Pants: H&M

Sneakers: Vans

Watch: TID Watches

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