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Happy Monday everyone! Sending positive vibes to everyone this week!

Fall is possibly my favorite season just because the season give you more options in what you can wear, such as jackets, cardigans, and to be able to layer your clothes. I love jackets. I do believe that jackets can make an outfit. It is the missing piece when you have an outfit that you feel could use something to make it pop.

Everyone who knows me, know that I love a good print shirt/jacket/pants. I love when my clothes are bold so I can just let it do all the work while I get the compliments. This bold print jacket from H&M is possibly one of my favorite purchases of this year. No one would believe that it is from H&M because of how well it is made. People are starting to realize that H&M is stepping up its game on menswear. They are beginning to really take notice of what they can do with it. I am glad they are finding their niche in that department.

With a jacket this bold, you can see how easy it is to pair it up with just a simple pants like this wine color pants that is actually part of my full suit. If you are someone who likes to mix prints like myself, you could wear polka dot shirt with this jacket or just a simple solid color shit. Either way it will works depending on your style. Finish this look with some vans for a fun look and you are set.

Get The Look:

Jacket: H&M

Shirt: 21men

Pants: YesStyle

Sneakers: Vans

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