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Pop of Colour


How is everyone one? Hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far! If not, it is almost the weekend! So I hope that at least excites you a little bit :D

Today post is focus on adding colour to your outfit to make it pop! I love a great simple and clean outfit, but people can say that it can be boring or safe. Personally, I think boring is classic. It is simply beautiful but people always want that something extra in their outfit and the easiest way to go about it is adding accessories and a pop of colors to your outfit.

In this look, my outfit itself is just clean and simple with the all white top and beige pants. It is kind of “boring” if you say so. There is nothing that stands out about this look. To change the “boringness” of this look, I added a gold chain for that pop of colour with my all white shirt. I also paired this look with my red slip on sneakers for that pop of colour again. By adding those two simple accessories to my look I was able to make my outfit fun and trendy.

Get The Look:

Short Sleeves Shirt: H&M

Under Shirt: Mack Weldon

Pants: H&M

Chain: Rue 21

Slip On Sneakers: ASOS

Watch: G-Shock

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