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How is everyone doing so far? I finally got a new haircut and going to go for a classier look. Whenever I get a new haircut, my style and wardrobe would make a 360. I am glad that I got this haircut just in time for the fall because now I can finally start wearing my blazers and cardigans that I have hiding in my closet. I am going to be playing around with those looks a lot and showing how to wear it different ways. I am pretty excited for what fall brings and I hope you guys continue on this journey with me.

Everyone knows that I love a good suit from head to toe. One thing that I love that suits can bring is how versatile it is. One suit can bring you 3 looks and style. It could save you money on bring a different outfit. I love to mix and match my suits to bring some contrast to the whole look.

In this look, you’d see that I mixed my navy blazer with a beige chino pants. I love to mix dark and light colors together to create that yang and yin combination and to bring out the colors of both. The styling of this look is very preppy because of the color scheme and I like to keep that theme going. Whenever I wear a solid color blazer, it gives me options to play with what goes under it. In this case, I am going to mix patterns together. When playing around with more than three patterns you want to choose the patterns that have similar color scheme in them so there won’t be any clashing of colors and patterns. You want them to blend in harmony. I don’t like being all matchy and be boring with this looks, so adding different patterns and colors create a more playful look and my style to it. I just finish this look with my favorite pairs of white vans and the always timeless Daniel Wellington watch.

Get The Look:

Blazer: H&M

Shirt: H&M

Pants: H&M

Sneakers: Vans

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