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Goodbye Summer


Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable weekend! Can you believe that it is the end of summer already? I cannot believe that time has passed by so quickly and next thing I know it is 2015 already. Time to me now is so precious. I am learning to enjoy ever last second of it with doing what I love.

In celebration of the last “day” of summer I want to end with a look that sum of summer for me. A whole season of colors, prints, and patterns. For me the true summer trend of this year is the suit with trainer shoes look. I believe that this style will go down in history as one of the classic look to wear. What is menswear without the perfect tailored suit? The ideal summer suit is that of light brown/tan colored suit. It has the fresh summer look that is versatile in terms of how you style it and button shirts.

What make a great suit is not the price or the brand of it. The thing that makes a suit great is the suit that is the fit of it. Getting a suit that is tailored to fit you is the cheapest way to make you look expensive.

Get The Look:

Suit: YesStyle

Shirt: Mr Nieves

Sneakers: Vans

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