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How was everyone’s week so far? I hope you guys are enjoying the nice fall weather we are having. Since moving to New York City in January I have experienced the winter, spring, summer and now the best season…fall! I love this so much. I can wear jackets and start layering my outfits. It’s really just the simple things in life that excites me lol.

Today’s blog post is all about the little things or the details of an outfit and how it can affect the look/feel of it. In this look, I am just keeping it simple and chic with the black and white combination but with little details to the look. This Levi’s jean is one of my favorite jeans to wear. It goes with everything and I can live in it. But the rip was not part of it. I actually ripped the crotch area of the jean a few months ago and then decided to do a little DIY project and add more rips to the jean. Those rips then gives this jean a more bada$$ look to it. Another small detail I added to this look is pairing up a simple white tee with a black short sleeve shirt and only button the top 3 buttons. By not buttoning all of the buttons, it adds contrasts to the top because the shirts do not have any textures or pattern on them. It needed that small affect to create something big.

Get The Look:

Black Shirt: H&M

White Tee: Hanes

Jeans: Levi’s

Shoes: Rainman

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