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Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! I had a great time catching up with old friends and get to relax a bit before New York Fashion Week begins! I am so excited for that! Looking forward to meeting new designers and making friends.

For this today’s post, I am doing a schoolboy look featuring the eyewear of KAIBOSH . I am a person who loves to wear high socks with shorts. I do not wear it all the time, but there are some days I am like “Okay, I think high socks goes with this look”. Adding that simple piece to a look can change the style and feel of the outfit.

In this look, I am doing a lot of focus on the feel of a British schoolboy look with the white socks and tie combination. This is actually one of my favorite looks that I put together because it has such playfulness to the look and shows off a bit of my personality. I know that most of my readers do not know me personally, so I like to dress in a way that shows off my personality and who I am as a person if they want to meet me. This outfit has a lot of elements of myself, such as the preppy look, my love for floral prints and the socks thing. When dressing, I like to dress for myself and not for others. That’s the one thing I believe anyone should do because you should feel good in whatever you wear not what others want you in.

Get The Look:

Shirt: 21men

Tie: H&M

Shorts: 21men

Socks: Hanes

Shoes: Stacy Adams

Sunglasses: KAIBOSH

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