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Basic Essentials: Mack Weldon


How is everyone doing? Well I hope!

Today’s blog post is about the basic essentials of daily wear. Every gentleman should have his basic essentials in order. It’s in the Men’s Guidebook. You should check it out. I always make sure that I got my basics in order when packing for a weekend getaway or just crashing at a friend’s place.

One of my brands of daily wear is Mack Weldon. Their basics are nothing sort of “basic”. Every shirt, underwear, and socks are made to fit your body perfectly. There are often times I forget that I am wearing underwear underneath my jeans when wearing Mack Weldon boxer briefs. All of their underwears and undershirt are made out of 47.5% long staple cotton, 47.5% modal and 5% Lycra. Check out the brand at or on the banner to the right side.

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