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Hope everyone is having a great week so far :D Cheers to the weekend!

Continuing on with my “Back-To-School” theme for this week blog post. This blog post is about athletic wear. Say good-bye to those gym shorts, sweats and shirts with holes in them or DIY cut off sleeves. It’s time to better your game in the court and off the court. I know back in college there are times I would wear sweats and a hoodie because my excuse were that it was “comfortable” and it was. You want to be comfortable walking around campus to go to classes, which is located all over the place (Freshman year was torture). This look is comfortable, simple, athletic, and stylish for school.

You can see in this look I am keeping it simple and minimal with the layering of clothes. You do not necessary be wearing all of this in the court, but you do want to look good walking into the court with style. By wearing fleece shorts and high socks with high top sneaker, you can already see there is already an athletic feel to the look. I am just adding in some extra clothing of a lightweight athletic sweater and white shirt to help accommodate the look.

Get The Look:

Fleece Shorts: Hollister

Shirt: 21men

Sweater: ASOS

Socks: H&M

Sneakers: 21men

Watch: G-Shock

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