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Getting Schooled


Hope everyone had a ballin’ weekend! My weekend was relaxing. I get to finish some things I’ve been putting off, planned out a whole new format for my blog (still in the process of finishing up some touches), and I got some reading done.

Let’s get to the blog post shall we? With August ending in 2 weeks that mean it’s time for students to go to back school. And we all know the first week of school is where things go down. Got to dress to impress, right? So this week all of my blog posts will be guiding you through that.

In this look, I want to keep it casual and chic with a polo shirt and black slacks. It is the first day of school, you don’t want to overdo with so much layering. You want to be like “I woke up like this” when people ask you how long did it take you go get ready.

This polo is part of a SS15 collection of Mr.Nieves. One of the things I love about this polo is the embroidery on the polo is inspired by the designer’s grandmother, who used to do embroidery on shirts. The collection is a masterful blend of playful, vibrant patterns and fabrics inspired by the veteran womenswear designer’s Puerto Rican heritage and the cosmopolitan sophistication of New York City, featuring contrasting paneled shirts in summerweight cotton.

Get The Look:

Polo: Mr. Nieves

Pants: Uniqlo

Watch: G-Shock

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