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I know it is Friday and what is on your minds (besides that it’s the weekend) is when is Dat’s blog post going to happen! Well….here it is!! :D

This blog post feature one of my thing this summer is oversize T-shirts. I used to wear fitted T-shirt, but now I am all about that oversize shirts. It is such a refreshing look for the summer because it is loose and won’t be sticky when it is humid or hot as heck outside.

In this look I am wearing my oversize T-shirt with a suit! It sounds weird but it works and actually quite stylish. The look is very casual but it can be wore to certain events that are not too formal. The look is very simple and easy to wear. You just need a suit that fitted to your body. Guys, I cannot stress this enough, but stop with the wearing a suit that is 1 or 2 sizes too big on you. Get that suit tailored!! It will save your love life and you can thank me later. For this look, accessories are optional; you can wear a simple watch, bracelets, or a pocket square to add some statement to the suit.

Get The Look:

T-Shirt: Hanes

Shoes: Stacy Adams

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