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Safety Zone


It’s Monday and I know what you are looking forward to…my blog post! :D

So..let’s talk about plaid.

Plaid is the U.S. & Canadian English word for Tartan, a pattern consisting of crossed horizontal and vertical bands in two or more colors in woven cloth. It is one of the most recognized patterns of all patterns. Dated back to 1760s. One of the most uses of this pattern is from brand name “Burberry”. This world renowned brand is most recognized based on this pattern alone and their trench coats.

Plaid is one of the easiest patterns to wear because the pattern is already so beautifully design that it does not need any effort to making it looking amazing. That's why I calld plaid my safety zone pattern. I usually just wear my plaid shirt like this one with chino and my trusted Clarks Desert boots to balance out the colors and keeping it all together.

Get The Look

Plaid Shirt: A&F

Chino: H&M

Boots: Clarks

Briefcase: Ikea

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