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Hope you guys are having a great week!

Today post is all about matching suit. One of the easiest and hardest things to pull is a matching suit. You never know if you will look good in it or just a hot mess because its too match-y.

No worries though, I am here to show you what to do to balance it out so you won’t look like you’re just matching all over. I got this cool floral print matching shorts and sweater from 21men. It is so rad and really vibrant for the spring/summer.

For this look, I just keeping it balance with a white button shirt underneath the sweater so there is some balance between the sweater and shorts. I could have worn black shoes with this look but I decided to go for a streetwear look with my Timberlands. I want the yellow of the boots to bring out some of that on the sweater and pants. Wearing black shoes would be too much since the whole suit is already black. I want the boots to balance the whole look and bring it together. I just finish this look with my Classic Sheffield Daniel Wellington watch and I’m ready to hit the town.

Get The Look:

Floral Print Suit: 21men

Boots: Timberland

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