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Hope you guys had a great weekend!

Today post is about the preppy sport look. I have always been a preppy boy by how I dressed, but I wanted to put a spin on it by adding the sport feel to it and making it edgy. I know it’s a lot of styles meshed up into one but trust me it magically goes together quite well.

This look is very simple but it has lot of layers to it. I start with a white short sleeve shirt and paired it with an oversize t-shirt, which add the preppy look. The shorts that I am wearing is a fleece shorts for the sporty feel. I finished the look with a clean white high-top sneaker with my long socks showing off. For the edgy feel, I put the whole look together with a long sliver chain and silver ring.

This is one of my favorite look because it is so easy to put together. It is a perfect summer look in New York where I can just cruise around town comfortably and still look stylish.

Get The Look:

White Short Sleeve: 21men

White T-Shirt: Hanes

Fleece Shorts: Hollister

Sneakers: 21men

Ring: 21men

Chain: Rue 21

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