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How is it going everyone?

July is quickly slipping by so fast. I can’t believe next week will be August already!!

Let’s talk about graphic shirts!

Check out this rad shirt I got from It has a design of Sriracha on it. Listen, if you know me, you’d know that I put Sriracha in almost anything I cook because I don’t know how to cook. Sriracha is the best thing to make anything I make tastes decent. That’s my secret ingredient. Top Secret

Get this…the designs behind Custom Ketchup is an 8 year old boy. How amazing and creative this kid is?!! His idea was to blend Chinese influences with American Pop Art and Rock & Roll Style to all of his designs.

With a shirt this playful and creative I knew I had to style it to match the feel of it. I paired the shirt with my slim tapered jean from PacSun and my Timberland boots. I added in my red G-Shock watch to bring out that Sriracha color of the shirt. I finish this look with my Obey hat snapped to the side of my jean for the playful feel. This look is very casual and fun. I didn’t have to do much to it because the shirt has so much creativity on it that’s why I want to keep the attention on the shirt. When dressing, you want to pick one item that you find it amazing and dress around it so that piece will always be the attention and brings the look together.

Get The Look:

Jean: PacSun

Boots: Timberland

Watch: G-Shock

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