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On The Run


Another Monday mean another week…

You guys ever feel like you guys are always on the run. After graduating college I feel like the world is moving faster now. I’m always on the go trying to find new things to do or look for more opportunities. I am always on the run.

The title of this post is called “On The Run” for everyone that is always hustling. As young adults in this time, we are always trying to make a name for ourselves and let the older generation take notice of what we can do. Since moving to New York City six months ago I have been “running” everywhere. Picking up samples, dropping off samples, or just catching the train to be on time for work. I do missed the simple things like having a car where I can go anywhere I want.

I put this outfit together with the thought of something that is easy to wear, comfortable to move in, and still look effortless stylish. I can just tell people “I wake up like this” when they ask how I have time to look so dapper. During the summer I love to wear floral prints because it just shout out to everyone that it’s summer! I got this amazing floral polo from H&M a couple of months ago along with this navy dress pant that I got it tailored right away to this ankle length. When buying jeans or pants finding a pair that is fitted well and tailored can make a huge difference to how it can look with an outfit. I finish this look with my trusted suede Joseph Abboud wingtip along with my Classic Sheffield Daniel Wellington watch. With this outfit, I am ready to run all over New York City with my iCarryAlls briefcase that holds my Macbook, iPad, pens, business cards and notepad.

Get The Look:

Polo: H&M

Pant: H&M

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