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Solo Day


Hope everyone had a good week! Let’s turnip for the weekend, but drink responsibly :D

Today post is titled “Solo Day” in the meaning that it’s a day you just go exploring your city on your own. Let’s be honest, you get more stuff done on your own than group of people with different feel of things. You can go to different places without having to cater to others.

When touring a new city or just scrolling around. You want to dress light and comfortable because you will be walking a lot and possibly sweating because of the heat. In this look, I am wearing a light white sleeve-less shirt paired with my favorite khaki that tailored to this ankle length. Finish the look with my Nike Roshe Run because I know I will be doing a lot of walking. One of the things I love about my Roshe is that it is a sneaker that can be worn dressed up or down. I can wear it with many different styles. For accessories, I’m keeping it simple with my Classic Sheffield watch from Daniel Wellington and a sliver necklace to add some texture to my shirt. I felt that it needed something extra on top. This is a look that I called “sporty chic”.

Get The Look:

Shirt: 21men

Khaki: H&M

Sneakers: Nike Roshe Run

Necklace: Rue 21

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