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Hope everyone had a great weekend! Let’s start off the week on a positive note. Yea? :D

Today blog post is about adding color to your suit. You have finished the basic route of finding your first black suit or a grey suit for your closet. Your go to suit for a wedding, formal event, or fundraising. Now, it’s time show others that you can do more than just a black suit. Let’s add some color to your suits.

This summer you will see a trend of tan suits. This suit is perfect for the summer because you can wear it many different ways. Such as causal, office wear/business casual, and formal. I will be styling this suit in many ways in my future post so look out for how I will be wearing it.

In this blog post, I am wearing this suit I got from After receiving the suit I got it tailored right away to give it a better fit for my body and length I want for the pant. I’m keeping this look simple with just a white shirt buttoned all the way up and Stacy Adams dress shoes. I always wear a watch when wearing a suit, for this I am wearing a Daniel Wellington Watch. As part of my collaboration with Daniel Wellington you can use my promo code “dathoang” to get 15% off on all items until the end of July.

Shirt: 21men

Shoes: Stacy Adams

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