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Happy Friday everyone! Hope your week is going well so far J

Today posting is about that Moto look. The clean, crisp, and sharp look that is easily done with the help of the moto leather jacket. The moto jacket is short for motorcycle jacket since it has become just a well-known trend it obvious that it should have its own nickname right?

The look has gone through a lot of changes over the year. Instead of putting on a moto jacket over a plain tee or throwing on with something different like denim, many stylists paired them with dark bottoms for a more of a sleek look. While the vibe is hardly buttoned-up, unless you’re on the motorcycle the jackets is often worn unzipped, functioning as a top. One of the big trends is to wear the moto jacket over an overly patterned shirt or mix it with some different fabrics to bring out the style of the moto jacket.

In this look I am going for a clean and sharp look. I am wearing the moto jacket with a polka dot pattern navy dress shirt. The polka dot shirt is to help add some texture and contrast for the look to balance out both the shirt and the jacket. I just finish the bottom with clean tailored pants and black wing tip dress shoes. As for accessory, I like to keep it simple with a nice Classic Sheffield watch from Daniel Wellington. If you are interest in getting one you can still use my promo code “dathoang” for 15% of all items on the site. The code is good till end of July.

Now, this look is more of a night look to go out for dinner, bar, or the club. For a more causal look with the moto jacket all you need to do is change the polka dot shirt for a clean white t-shirt to wear. It is as simple an east as that.

Get The Look:

Moto Jacket: 21men

Shirt: 21men

Pant: H&M

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