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Happy Monday everyone!

Been feeling uninspired lately. I’m in this creative slump where I don’t know what to do. I want to feel inspired but lately it has been a challenge. What do you to do feel inspire or to get out of a slump? Let me know!

Today style post is streetwear meet preppy. As everyone knows by now, I love the monochrome look. It’s so pleasing to the eyes. One of the trends that is hitting streetwear is oversized shirts like this one I am wearing. You can get a similiar shirt like this at YesStyle I always have a soft spot for clean look and I do believe that streetwear is one of the cleanest styles anyone can wear. In this look, I am wearing a shirt I got from an online store in Asia where streetwear look is very huge in. Of course I paired this shirt with a white button shirt underneath because I like to add my own twist to any style that I wear. I do feel that this white button shirt really a balance to the look. I just finish the bottom with a Uniqlo pant and some Nike Roshe Run that I got as a birthday gift.

Get The Look:

Oversized Shirt: YesStyle

Button Shirt: 21men

Pants: Uniqlo

Sneakers: Nike Roshe Run

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