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Trying to add some personality to my picture. You like? :D

Today blog post is about the grungy look but with my twist to it because I like to mix my preppy style to a certain look I am going for. In this case, it is the grungy look and one of the best color combinations to go with it is black and red.

I like to start my outfit with the red and navy plaids shirt. The perfect jean to go with this is my black skinny Levi’s that I tailored to the length I like and I did some DIY rips to the knees. I paired the jean with my Stacy Adams squared dress shoes for that chic twist to the grungy look. I could go with a black boots or some sneakers but I feel that these shoes add more depth to the look and create a different feel to the grungy look. I finish this look with some faux fur leather jacket because I felt like the look isn’t complete without some badass leather jacket.

Get The Look:

Jacket: 21men

Shirt: 21men

Jean: Levi’s

Dress Shoes: Stacy Adams

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