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Happy Friday!!

This today blog post is about summer shirts. This is a linen shirt that is from “Artistry In Motion”. The brand itself is a clean cut, active design crafted with simple colors, patterns, and accents. I love this shirt because of the color and that paisley pattern for the pocket of the shirt. That one pocket creates just a dynamic look for the shirt.

For the summer, I suggest wearing linen shirts because the fabric itself is very lightweight and comfortable. It has a summer feel to it and you do not want to be sweating in heavy fabric clothes walking around town. With a linen shirt you can feel the breeze through the shirt.

In this look, I paired the shirt with a dark skinny Levi’s cuffed up to show off my sexy ankles and some oxford from American Eagle Outfitters. I finish this look with some wood bracelets for some accessories to help accent the pink of the shirt.

Get The Look:

Jeans: Levi’s

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