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Today post is all about black and white. As you probably know, I love the combination of black and white together. Black and white is such a timeless and classic combination of colors that cannot go wrong on any occasion.

Anytime when I have doubts about what to wear I always go with the black and white combination. It is really easy to pull off and it’s effortless. In this look, I finish the look off with a black pork pie hat. During this year one of the biggest new hat wear are this pork pie, trilby hat or the puritan style hat. Although these styles of hats are just an oversize round hat, they add a touch of masculine feel and style to your outfit. Something as simple as a hat can make a difference in your outfit.

Get The Look:

Hat: Forever 21

Shirt: Gap

Jean: Uniqlo

Boots: Urban Outfitters

WatchL G-Shock

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