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White Noise


My favorit color combination to wear of all time is black and white. It is one of the easiest and more timeless colors to wear. Whenever you're in doubt, wear black and white. I can promise you that you will look stylish and chic 100% of the time.

For this look, my main attention is this awesome Stutterhiem raincoat I got. Been searching for the perfect white jacket and I have finally found it! The cut and style is timeless and because of the new design fabic the weight of this jacket is so light. Underneath the jacket is my go to short sleeves white shirt I got from 21men and black slacks from Uniqlo. Finish this look with some gold chain and shiny Stacy Adams dress shoes and you're ready for the day.

Get The Look:

Jacket: Stutterheim Stockholm

Shirt: 21men

Pants: Uniqlo

Shoes: Stacy Adams

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