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Black Pearl


This look is inspired by this really rad boy band in S.Korea called "EXO". They have really cool style as a group and as individuals. This was one of their looks during their "Growl" era.

This outfit is really simple because it is all black (can you tell by now that I love to wear black?) but what makes it unique is the paisley patttern on the bottom of this long black tee. Another trend for this spring are long tee just like the shirt im wearing now. I finish this look with another black shirt over the long tee and buttoned upthe two top buttons, leaving the rest unbuttoned. I added a silver chain to tie up the outfit together.

Get The Look:

Long Tee: Ebay

Black Shirt: 21Men

Jean: Levi's

Sneakers: Mosson Bricke @ Urban Outfitters

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