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Today look is about sneakers and leather jacket. I got this awesome moto leather jacket from 21men. I like how it is simple but a really strong piece to wear to make an outfit look badass. One trend that is going to be coming up this spring and summer is sneakers! This footwear is going to make a huge statement this season. Sneakers can make an outfit looks sporty and chic like this look. Personally, I love wearing sneakers with my oufits because the colors on sneakers are really out there and some have designs that will help your outfit stands out from the crowd. My outfit for today blog is really simple. I wore all black and added a gold chain and a hat with a white bananda. So that way it does not look like I am going to a funderal and to add some color and a hiphop feel to the look.

Get The LookL

Shirt: 21men

Jacket: 21men

Jean: Levis

Sneaker: Random find at department store

Gold Chain: Thrifted

Hat: DIY hat

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