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For this look, I wanted to add some hip hop to my outfit. Some people are against the double jean look but I think when it is done right. It can look pretty awesome. I got this light jean shirt from H&M and a faded light blue jean from PacSun. The shades of jean on both the shirt and jean compliment each other and similar in the color so that is why the outfit isn't clashing each other. I added a gold chain just to add some texture to the outfit. It seems that it was missing something to keep the blue balance and some color. I finish the look with a timberland boot (you can wear a white high top sneaker if you would like) for that hiphop feel to it along with the gold chain.

Get The Look:

Shirt: H&M

Jean: PacSun

Coat: 21men

Chain: Rue 21

Boot: Timberland

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