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Back 2 Black


Winter in NYC is so crazy, especailly if you have to walk through it everyday :(

I noticed that since I moved to NYC, I wear a lot of black lol. Maybe it's because of the winter or that black just looks really good on me jkjkjk. For this outfit, I wore a grey and back knit sweater from 21men. The detail of the sweater is simply amazing, I love that the front is a grey knit and the sleeves are a solid black color. If it wasn't so cold outside I would just wear it without this toggle black jacket that I also got from 21men. For the bottom, I wore this black tapered jean from PacSun and black boot from H&M. I love this look a lot because even though it is simple and all black, I look very put together and ready for a meeting.

Get The Look:

Sweater: 21men

Coat: 21men

Jean: PacSun

Boot: H&M

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