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With spring just around the corner of this horrible winter. I think it is time to invest in some nice jacket to wear on those chilly mornings and nights. For this look, I am mixing up brown and gold. I think that brown and gold is one of those random great color combination that no ones really try out it. Once you combine it together it is like magic. This is one of my favorite look to wear for any occasions like going to the bar or out cruising the city. I wore a blue and gold patterned shirt with a gold chain to accent the gold on the shirt more. I paired the top with khaki pants for some color contrast with the blue shirt. Finish the look with a faux fur and leather jacket for a cool look.

Get The Look:

Jacket: 21men

Shirt: 21men

Pants: 21men

Jewelry : Thrift

Boots: Clarks Desert Boot

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