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Supp guys!

Today post is about patterns again. Can you guess it? Lol its..checkerboard! I don't know why but I have always liked checkerboard patterns. I think that it is so simple and really nice to look at and get lost just trying to count all the squares of each colors. But back to the outfit. I got this black and white checkerboard sweater from 21men (Forever 21). I just think that this sweater is just perfect because the squares are the right size. It's not too big where it just look bulky and the pattern isn't all over the sweater only on the front. With the black solid color on the sleeves and the back of the shirt. It allowed the pattern to be in the star. I wore a black chino pants with the sweater to give it a sophisticated look along with my Stacy Adams dress shoes. As for accessory, I just wore a feather necklace to keep my outfit simple and clean. I do not want to wear too much accessories or it might be too much going on. There are times when you can wear a lot of accessories, but with this outfit, it is best to keep it simple and let the pattern of the shirt be the star.

Get The Look:

Sweater: 21men

Pants: PacSun

Shoes: Stacy Adams

Necklace: Rue 21

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