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Thanks For Nothing

Sup readers! Today post is kinda gloomy haha. The weather this week has been really gloomy and just depressing. I decided to dress for the weather. Since it is getting colder, I will be wearing a lot of sweaters. So I am excited about that! For this look, it is really basic and simple. One of the most easiest look to pull is black and white. I pair this look with a white dress shirt to make it look more dress up than just a casual look. Since this look is all solid colors, I wanted to accessorize it more with some black bracelets and a silver chain necklace to make the pop more. Hope this look inspired you guys to create some of your own looks! Remember to dress smart, look expensive!

Get The Look:

Sweater: Forever 21

Pants: PacSun

Necklace: Rue 21

Bracelets: Rue 21

Shoes: Rue 21

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