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Supp! Today post is about mixing and matching your suits! I like to mix and match my suits because that way I can have different varies of outfits with that blazer/dress pants. I think it would be boring if you constantly wear the same similar suit over and over. It would be nice to mix the colors a bit and have some fun. For today, I put together my tan blazer and black pants together that I both got from H&M. I like the contrast of the tan and black together. The tan blazer add a sophisticated look while the black pant make the outfit looks slick and clean. For some boldness to the look, I decided to go with a purple/black/tan camouflage printed tie that I got from Rue 21. It gives the outfit a finishing touch.

Get The Look:

Blazer: H&M

Pant: H&M

Tie: Rue 21

Dress shoes: Stacy Adams

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