October 8, 2014



Hope everyone is doing great! Amazing weather we have this week in New York City. It is finally starting to feel like fall now. I wonder what is fall like in the city since this is my first time in NYC. I guess I will have to find out!


One trend you will see a lot...

October 6, 2014



Last week I had the privilege of working with an amazing brand named Uniqlo. Teaming up with the brand for their new campaign called #BestVest. The campaign featured their Ultra Light Down vest. The vest is incredibly light and warm, this down vest is so compact a...

October 5, 2014



Let’s talk colors for the fall. During the fall people seems to dress in darker tone because it’s not summer anymore. No need for bright colors anymore unless it subtle but that is a whole different blog post ;)


One color you will see a lot of this fall is Green....

October 4, 2014



Everyone is always excited for fall to and I am one of those people. Here are a few reasons why.


  • The weather is just perfect, not too cold or too hot

  • Pumpkin in everything and I mean every thing possible

  • Amazing jackets

  • Layering

  • And My favo...

October 3, 2014



How is everyone doing today?


Do you ever feel like wanting to do something, but afraid of just going for it? I have always been shy growing up. It was hard for me to express myself because of it. That is until I realized I do not need to speak to let people know w...

September 29, 2014



Happy Monday everyone! Sending positive vibes to everyone this week!


Fall is possibly my favorite season just because the season give you more options in what you can wear, such as jackets, cardigans, and to be able to layer your clothes. I love jackets. I do beli...

September 24, 2014



How is everyone doing so far? I finally got a new haircut and going to go for a classier look. Whenever I get a new haircut, my style and wardrobe would make a 360. I am glad that I got this haircut just in time for the fall because now I can finally start wearing...

September 17, 2014



How was everyone’s week so far? I hope you guys are enjoying the nice fall weather we are having. Since moving to New York City in January I have experienced the winter, spring, summer and now the best season…fall! I love this so much. I can wear jackets and start...

September 10, 2014



How everyone is enjoying his or her week so far. It’s Wednesday, which mean that two more days till the weekend! This weekend, I am going to take the time to relax and finally update my website. Trust me, it is something to look forward to.


With New York Fashion W...

September 2, 2014




Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! I had a great time catching up with old friends and get to relax a bit before New York Fashion Week begins! I am so excited for that! Looking forward to meeting new designers and making friends.


For this today’s post,...

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